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    • Full Size 4-Door Sedan

      (1-4 passengers) These spacious and affordable 4-Door Sedans get you to where you're going safely and dependably.. It is the most preferred vehicle for both local and airpost trips.

    • Stretch Limousines

      (1-6, 8, 10, or 12 Passengers) Our Carmel limousines are the epitome of luxury and comfort; the ideal ride for your special occasions. Customers love our limousines for their style. Inside View

    • Passenger Vans

      (1-14 Passengers) Cruising with a group? Carrying extra baggage? Large Vans are the perfect solution for larger parties and for those who just couldn't leave anyone or anything behind!

    • Mini Vans

      (1-5 Passengers) Want to take everyone with you for the holidays!? That's what we are here for. Safe and cozy, the Mini Van has enough room for the whole family!

    • Luxury Sedans

      (1-4 Passengers) You will love our comfortable Luxury Sedans, many of which are equipped with a phone and reading lamp. Usually Lincoln, Cadillac or Avalon. Our Luxury Sedans make for a very nice impression.

    • SUVs

      (1-6 Passengers) When you need more space, size matters. The luxurious SUVs can handle rugged terrains to take you anywhere. All you need and more.