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Quality service at unbeatable prices since 1978

Need a Ride? Just Carmel it!

For Special Occasions - Carmel, the only company to trust We'll be there for you

Carmel holds the highest "on-time" record (conducted by an independent survey) for the last 35 years. With Carmel's special fleet of Stretch limousines, SUV, and Deluxe vehicles, there is no other service to trust when it comes to your special occasions.

When you book your special occasion with Carmel, you are not just booking your vehicle with us, you are also making a statement that says "I want a company I trust, a company that has over 35 years of impeccable service, a company with the largest fleet, one that can provide a back up to all possible situations. A company that will not charge me an arm and a leg for my special occasion but will provide me with the highest service, and that is why I use Carmel.

In Carmel's years of experience we learned that there are many special occasions, too many to mention here but overall Carmel has specialized in weddings, proms, theaters, and large conventions.



Wedding night is one of the most important days of couple's life, but it is also a day with many moving pieces and items to coordinate.

Carmel wedding special team understand how important the day is and our mission, one that we carry successfully for the last 35 years, is to make sure our staff and affiliated drivers provide you with the most pleasant and stress-free experience.



Prom night, oh what a night. Carmel's team interviewed many parents and teenagers before packaging the best prom night package.

From making it fit your budget to working with you in insuring no alcohol enters the limousine. Our team works to make your child's prom night a night to remember, not a nightmare.



People who love the theater also love to arrive in style and not worry about parking or weather. People who love style, call Carmel Car & limousine.

Carmel's makes your evening a hassle free evening. Ask about our one-way, round-trip, or by-the-hour special offers for the theater.

Going to see a Broadway show, a play, listen to an Opera or a concert, Carmel's makes your evening a hassle free evening. Ask about our one-way, round-trip, or by the hour special offers for the theater.

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