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The More You Spend With Carmel The More American AAdvantage Miles You Earn!


Proud of our Partnership with American Airlines

Carmel is very proud of its partnership with American's AAdvantage program, allowing Carmel's passengers that are also AAdvantage members, to earn miles for every dollar spent with Carmel on the ground!* When we say "We'll be there for you", we mean it.


Linking your AAdvantage account to your Carmel VIP account or App is easy.

(Please note that your Carmel VIP account credentials are the same as you Carmel App credentials and vice-versa)

If you login to your Carmel VIP account

  • 1Go to your "Personalized Menu"
  • 2Select "Payment & Preferences"
  • 3Select "Reward Program"

If you are doing it through the Carmel App

  • 1Go to "Menu"
  • 2Select "Reward Program"

Select "American AAdvantage", Enter your "American AAdvantage Number" (check your entry for accuracy please), and update your account.

Your AAdvantage account is now linked with your Carmel VIP and App accounts, and you will not be asked to enter it for each trip you are taking with Carmel.


Entering your American AAdvantage Number if not a Carmel VIP member and/or do not have the Carmel App.

(We strongly recommend you become a Carmel VIP member and download our App - it makes life easier)

While making an online reservation and reaching the Payment & Passenger Information

  • 1Go to "Reward Program"
  • 2Select "American AAdvantage"
  • 3Enter your "American AAdvantage Number"

Spend More, Earn More

Carmel custom made technology allows you, the customer, to enjoy strong mileage earning structure - the more you spend, the better we reward you. Hey, it's only fair.

The process is very simple: you book your trip online or via the App, provide us with your AAdvantage Number, and we will have the miles posted to your account. Similar to the process, the formula is also simple and goes as follows*:

Completed Trips

Trips Inside NYC - Earn Upto

Trips Outside NYC - Earn Upto

Completed Trips:Base fare up to $100

Trips Inside NYC - Earn Upto:50 bonus miles + 1 mile per $1

Trips Outside NYC - Earn Upto100 bonus miles + 1 mile per $1

Completed Trips:Base fare above $101

Trips Inside NYC - Earn Upto:50 bonus miles + 2 miles per $1

Trips Outside NYC - Earn Upto:100 bonus miles + 2 miles per $1

* Please note that earning miles applies only on reservations that were reserved online or using the Carmel App, were completed, and the miles are calculated on the base fare only (i.e., not including the tolls, tip, or other fees)


We are Carmel Car & Limo Service

Since 1978, Carmel has served you with the highest "on time" record service for the lowest prices. Carmel is able to perform at such high levels thanks to its large fleet and superb proprietary dispatch system. Where other global companies are mainly internet companies, with technological capabilities, who pertain to understand ground transportation, Carmel's over 35 years of experience and know-how is what follows your ground transportation needs every step of the way.

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