Don’t Wait for your
Checked-in Luggage!

Time = Money

Luggage Bellhop

Get Your Bags Delivered in Less than 4 Hours!

About Us
Carmel is proud to announce its recent partnership with Luggage Bellhop. As a Carmel passenger you can now land at one of 250+ airports in the USA, meet up with your Carmel driver inside the airport or curbside, and make a quick airport exit without the hassles of waiting 20 to 60 minutes or more for your checked-in luggage.  Carmel knows that your time is valuable.

Luggage Bellhop knows that time is money and they’ve designed their luggage concierge service so you can arrive at your destination airport without having to worry about waiting in the baggage claim for your checked-in luggage (bags, golf clubs, skis, boxes, oversized items, etc.).  A trusted Luggage Bellhop agent will wait at the baggage claim for your bags to arrive, carefully retrieve them, and then deliver them to your destination of choice within less than four (4) hours of landing or it’s FREE*.

How Does Luggage Delivery Work?

  1. Book your air travel and Carmel Limo service as you normally do.
  2. Place an Order at least one hour before your scheduled departure by clicking Book Now and get 10% off your first order.
  3. Check-in your bags with your airline just like you always do. No need to give them special instructions, since our service is not provided by the airlines.
  4. Bypass Baggage Claim when you land at any one of 250 airports in the USA and go to your hotel, office, home, or wherever your travels may take you.
We Pick-up & Deliver your Luggage within four (4) hours* of arrival time, with real-time email updates when your luggage has been picked up, out for delivery, and delivered.

Use Promo Code “CarmelLimo” for 10% off your first order.

*Four (4) hour delivery window is for deliveries within 40 miles of the airport. If delivery destination is 40 to 100 miles from the airport, there is a six (6) hour delivery window.